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Powerline in Sunset

Powerline & Communications

Moncrief Construction Limited provides services in overhead, underground, and underwater transmission and distribution line construction. We employ highly skilled and experienced line workers accustomed to operating in harsh, rugged, and remote terrain. We take great pride in our ability to overcome any obstacles, often employing helicopters and tracked all-terrain vehicles where access is limited. Our clients include private and public utilities, the mining and power generation industries, and private customers such as homeowners and cottage-owners


Our powerline and communications services include:

  • High Tension Transmission Lines

  • Business, Residential, and Community Distribution Lines

  • Rock Boring up to 36-inch in Diameter

  • Telephone Lines

  • Submarine Cables

  • Fibre Optic Cables

  • Electrical Substation and Switching Station Construction

  • Right-Of-Way Clearing

  • Cathodic Protection for Natural Gas Pipelines

  • Airport Electrical Upgrades

  • Municipal Electrical

  • Subcontractor Services

For inquiries and estimates related to powerlines, communications lines, and electrical work, please contact us directly at

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