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Examples of Our Work

Aerial View of Substation Under Construction

Wataynikaneyap Power - Pickle Lake and Pipestone Substations

Location: Pickle Lake and Pipestone, ON

Contractor: Missabay Contracting LP


  • Substation Civil Works including clearing, grubbing, access road construction, and pad construction.

  • Supply and placement of fill materials; >35,000 m3 from MCL-Owned pit in Pickle Lake.

Completion: November 2020

Owner: Wataynikaneyap Power

Client: Valard Construction LP

Aerial View of MTO Rest Stop

Manitoba/Ontario Rest Area; Hwy 17

Location: TransCanada Hwy at Manitoba/Ontario Border 

  • Near West Hawk Lake, Manitoba


  • Site Development including clearing, excavation, blasting, cut-to-fill, grading, and drainage.

  • Paving, concrete work, lighting, and landscaping of finished rest stop area.

 Owner: Ontario Ministry of Transportation

 Project ID: 2018-6011

 Project Value: $2.07 M

 Completion Date: November 2018

Sediment Pond 3 Under Construction

New Gold Rainy River Mine - Sediment Pond 3

Location: New Gold Rainy River Mine, Chapple, Ontario


  • Excavation of 275,000 m3 for sediment pond and associated ditching

  • Construction of clay-core containment berms

  • Placement of geotextile and erosion protection stone.

Completion Date: December 2019

Owner: New Gold Inc.

Aerial View of Chadwick Lake Culvert Site

Chadwick Lake and Moose Creek Culvert Replacements

Location: Trans-Canada Highway (Hwy 17)

  • Near Kenora, Ontario and Dryden, Ontario


  • Removal of Existing steel arch culvert and concrete box culvert from sections of Trans-Canada Highway between Kenora and Dryden.

  • Replacement with precast concrete culverts

  • Traffic Control and Water Diversion

Owner: Ontario Ministry of Transportation

Project ID: 2018-6026

Aerial View of Little Grand Rapids Lagoon Site

Little Grand Rapids First Nation - Aerated Lagoon Expansion

Location: Little Grand Rapids, Manitoba


  • Construction of aerated lagoon expansion with SAGR system.

  • Installation of aeration headers and laterals, trenching, and backfill for all aeration equipment.

  • Construction of 7 new lift stations, forcemain, gravity wastewater sewer, & watermain.

  • Rock excavation for all underground facilities

Completion Date: Winter 2020

Owner: Little Grand Rapids First Nation

Map of 6 Remote Ontario First Nations

Airfield Lighting - 6 Remote Northern Ontario Communities

Locations: Keewaywin, Pikangikum, Poplar Hill, Sandy Lake, Slate Falls, & Summer Beaver, Ontario


  • Supply and installation of airfield signage, lighting, cabling and duct, controls, beacons, and wind indicators in 6 remote Northern Ontario communities.

 Value: $4.6 M

 Completion Date: Fall 2019

 Owner: Ontario Ministry of Transportation

Aerial View of Heavy Equipment Completing Ditching Along NORT Road

NORT Road Grading and Drainage

Location: Pickle Lake, Ontario


  • Removal and replacement of 1,261 m of centreline and entrance culverts

  • Ditching and close cut clearing

  • Earth and rock excavation of over 150,000 m3 for grading.

  • Placement of over 300,000 tonnes Granular A and B for grading

  • Restoration, seeding, and mulch.

Value: $8.1 M

Completion Date: September 2019

Client: Miller Northwest Limited

Pikangikum Substation Under Construction

Pikangikum Connection: Substation Civil & Site Work

Location: Pikangikum First Nation, Ontario


  • Site earthworks, fencing, and parking lot construction

  • Foundation construction including concrete and grouting

Value: $2.1 M

Owner: Wataynikaneyap Power LP

Client: Eptcon Ltd.

View Underneath Darlington Bridge During Refurbishment Work

City of Kenora - Bridge Maintenance & Repairs

Location: Kenora, Ontario


  • Bay Street Overpass

  • Norlen Bridge

  • Darlington Bay Bridge


  • Concrete demolition, repair, and replacement: surficial and structure.

  • Removal, repair, and replacement of railings and barriers.

  • Bier and abutment bearing resetting and replacement.

  • Deck and approach resurfacing and regrading.

Value: $1.7 M

Completion Date: November 2018

Owner: City of Kenora

Aerial View of Drill and Excavator Boring a Hole

Wataynikaneyap Power LP - Pikangikum Connection: Tree Clearing and Rock Drilling

Location: Nungessor Road, Red Lake, ON


  • 200 Hectares Right-of-Way Clearing and Timber Hauling

  • 150 Rock Bores 36" Diameter for Poles on 25 kV and 115 kV Lines

Completion Date: July 2018

Owner: Wataynikaneyap Power LP

Client: PowerTel

Worker looking up at a Helicopter slinging a pole

Pikangikum First Nation - Community Electrical Distribution System Upgrades

Location: Pikangikum First Nation, ON


  • Remedial work on existing 25 kV overhead power line

  • Supply and install new poles

  • Supply and install load break switches: single- and 3-phase.

  • Mast replacement and electrical meters

  • ROW clearing

Value: $2.7 M

Completion Date: September 2018

Owner: Pikangikum First Nation

Dozer pushing rock on an embankment

New Gold Rainy River Mine - Sediment Ponds 1 and 2

Location: New Gold Rainy River Mine, Chapple, ON


  • Excavation of two sediment ponds and associated dam foundations

  • Construction of clay-core containment dams and placement of geotextile and erosion protection stone.

  • Production of crushed materials

Completion Date: October, 2018

Owner: New Gold Inc.

Aerial view of Pauingassi Lagoon Site

Pauingassi First Nation Lagoon

Location: Pauingassi First Nation, MB


  • Blasting and excavation of lagoon site and construction of containment dykes

  • Force main construction including chambers and valves

  • Lift station mechanical and electrical upgrades

  • SAGR cell construction

  • HDPE liner installation with bedding and cover materials

  • Aggregate production and road construction.

Value: $11.2 M

Completion Date: 2019

Owner: Pauingassi First Nation

Aerial View of Directional Drilling beneath railroad for Redditt Water Line Installation

Redditt Water Line Replacement

Location: Redditt, Ontario


  • Installation of new 2", 4", and 8" HDPE Waterline by trenching and directional drilling

  • Directional drilling under Black River, Highway 658, and CN Rail

  • Insulated and heat-trace piping installation

  • Temporary bypass water distribution to all residences

  • Connection of residences to water main

  • Hydrant and valve installation

Value: $1.6 M

Completion Date: October 2018

Owner: Local Services Board of Redditt

Whiteshell River Bridge

Whiteshell River Bridge

Location: West Hawk Lake, Manitoba


  •  Removal of original bridge structure

  •  Replacement with new sing-span precast box girder bridge.

  •  Drilling and blasting of bedrock for bridge install and anchoring

  •  Road reinstatement, paving, and guiderail

  •  Traffic flow maintained throughout duration of project.

Value: $1.36 M

Completion Date: September 2017

Owner: Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation

South Berens Creek

MTO - Pindar and South Berens Creek Culvert Replacement

Location: Red Lake, Ontario


  • Replacement of original 3.3 m and 4.0 m culverts on Nungessor Road, 13 km and 89 km north of Red Lake, ON.

  • Implementation of trench box, MSE Wall, and construction dewatering.

Value: $2.20 M

Completion Date: September 2017

Owner: Ontario Ministry of Transportation

Tailings pipeline corridor in containment liner

Mine Startup - New Gold Rainy River Mine

Location: Chapple, ON


  • Peat Extraction

    • Excavate and haul 1.25 M cubic metres of basal till, peat, and clay from open pit during preliminary stages of mine operation.

    • Stockpiling, ditching, and construction of ramps for pit access.

  • Civil Work and Construction

    • Culverts and access roads

    • Excavation and hauling

    • Pipeline installation: 22 km of HDPE piping, above- and below-ground

    • Fibre Optic cable installation

  • Aggregate Production

    • Blasting, Crushing, stockpiling, and loading 1.5 M cubic metres of aggregate for mine site civil construction

Value: >$53.5 M

Completion Date: September 2017

Owner: New Gold Inc.

Sunset over airfield with lighting illuminated

Pickle Lake Airport Runway Extension

Location: Pickle Lake, Ontario


  • Extension of runway

  • Airfield Electrical, lighting, and signage

Value: $0.86 M

Completion Date: 2016

Owner: Ontario Ministry of Transportation

Client: Miller Northwest Ltd.

Long reach excavator digging a trench at the edge of a bay

Cameron Bay Sewer And Watermain Extension

Location: Kenora, Ontario


  •  170 m of watermain and forcemain beneath Cameron Bay, Lake of the Woods

  •  Use of barges to support excavators and diving crew for dredging and pipe placement.

  •  Blasting and trenching of shoreline to transition pipes from underwater to underground.

Value: $0.99 M

Completion Date: 2015

Owner: City of Kenora

Heavy equipment doing roadworks in downtown Kenora

2nd Street South Sewer and Water Line Installation

Location: Kenora, Ontario


  • Deep sloped trench excavation and installation of piping and valves.

  • Underground electrical upgrades.

  • Road reconstruction, paving, traffic signals, landscaping, and concrete work.

Value: $5.50 M

Completion Date: 2015

Owner: City of Kenora

Rock truc being loaded with blast rock by an excavator

White River Hydroelectric Dam Site Work

Location: Brothers Township, Ontario


  •  Rock drilling, blasting, and excavation for dam powerhouse, spillway, and diversion channel.

  •  Aggregate production

  •  Road construction, site work, dewatering dam site

Value: $13.6 M

Completion Date: 2015

Owner: Pic Mobert Hydro Inc.

H-frame powerline along a roadway

115 KV Line, Substation, And Switching Station

Location: Red Lake, Ontario


  •  115 kV line construction with earth and rock mount pole structures

  •  Substation and switching station construction

  •  Micropiles, concrete foundations, slabs, and perimeter fencing.

  •  ROW clearing and access road construction.

Value: $7.10 M

Completion Date: 2012

Owner: Goldcorp Inc.

An excavator loading a mobile crusher

Greenwich Wind Farm Site Work

Location: Dorion, Ontario


  •  Clearing for wind farm

  •  Access road clearing and construction

  •  Aggregate production

Value: $ 6.60 M

Completion Date: 2010

Owner: RES Group

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